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According to initial reports, the UN's cannabis reclassification will not take place in March 2019 after all, but will be postponed until 2020. Otherwise, however, there is only good news: The WHO recognises the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, even recommends the exclusion of extracts from the 1961 Convention and recommends the complete deregulation of full-spectrum CBD extracts with less than 0.2% THC.It's going to make the rounds pretty big what was "leaked" by WHO today, so we'll keep it short. The main points are:

- Cannabis flowers and cannabis resin should be removed from Category IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (CND 1961 Schedule 1). Only extremely unhealthy substances with no medicinal value are found here.

- In CND 1961 Schedule 1 there are extracts and tinctures of cannabis, these are to be DELETED here. Instead, cannabis flowers and resins shall now fall in here.

- CBD is confirmed as non-hazardous and therapeutically valuable. Extracts are to be deregulated up to 0.2% THC and freely available on the market.

The remaining WHO recommendations relate to cannabis medicines.

Here are two charts from the FAAAT organisation (www.faaat.net) for a better understanding of the UN schedules.

The WHO recommendation can be read in detail here: https://faaat.net/blog/ecdd41-outcome/

More detailed explanations of the recommended changes here:

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