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NEEDLEROCK Pet Oil 250mg CBD ˂0.3% THC

CHF 42.00
CBD oil is ideal for all our animals! Dogs, cats, horses and others react so positively to the wonderful full-spectrum CBD oil that you don't want to begrudge them it!

CBD Pet Tincture CBD 150mg ˂0.2% THC

CHF 37.00

Do you have a young, rambunctious puppy, or an ageing dog or cat, the CBD Pet Tincture is a perfect addition. Formulated with Salmon oil, Vitamin E and Brewer's yeast and 150 mg CBD this tincture is a balanced addition to your pet's diet.

Based on customer feedback, we have identified the following areas of use in animals.

The CBD pet tincture is good for a range of pet ailments, as well as for promoting general health, mobility and well-being.

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